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Cooking gas when you want it and how you want it.

Gasoline & Automotive Products Marketing Company (GAPM) is a private operator in the downstream sector of the petroleum industry.

 Presently operating under license to refill Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) popularly known as cooking gas to both domestic and industrial customers, GAPM is established to compete favourably in the Petroleum Marketing sector with the aim of engaging in Gasoline retail marketing and Establishing a lubricant plant.

The company was incorporated on the 3rd of February 1988, and in 1989 established the COOKING GAS CLUB. GAPM pursues consumer oriented strategy as a principle of creating a marketing niche for itself. The company relies on its CEO's marketing exposure and in-depth petroleum marketing experience as a cornerstone of its focus. It aims at achieving its objectives by the combination of good capital base, best human capital development and state of the art technology.

All the companies we partner with have received Standard Organization of Nigeria, (SON) approval to import their products to Nigeria market.
As part of the company marketing oriented strategies GAPM has been able to secure the business partnership of the following companies in Turkey to enhance our business support to our numerous customers.

Sonmez Makina Otomotive Elektronik:
With over 40 decade of LPG engineering and maintenance experience. To enhance the usage of LPG in rural and local communities in Nigeria, Messer Sonmez has pioneer the LPG skid as their contribution to the growth of LPG in Nigeria. Our customers stand to benefit from this technical partnership.

LPG CYLINDERS: EVAS, Turkey's leader LPG Cylinder and Automotive LPG Tank manufacturer was founded in 1963. Today, in their modern production, test and inspection faculties, yearly production has reached over 1,500,000 cylinders. Today EVAS Cylinders is a premium brand in the world market of cylinder manufacturing. GAPM is proud of our partnership with these World respected cylinder SAFETY manufacturer.

Reliable brand in Portable energy. Orgas founded in 1992 in Turkey, has been producing valves, stoves, lights, heaters and regulators to be used in the cylinder tubes in various standard. Orgas produced parts used by Technical Hardware, camping equipment and LPG dispensers at Home and Picnic Equipments.
We invite you to see some of the products of our partners in our products and gallery site. If by chance what you are looking for is not display on our site, please leave a message on our contact page and I promised we will get back to you within 24 hours. You are once again welcome to our site.
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Gas Refilling/Marketing Operation


Cooking Gas Club (CGC) Scheme


LPG Camping Equipments (Orgaz)


LPG Engineering/Equipments Marketing (SonmezMakina)


Cooking Gas Club Neighborhood Partners


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To cope with the increasing challenges of the competitive environment, we are equipped with the latest computer facility backed by Ansa Systems Nigeria LTD to maintain and enhance our information technology in the area of Gas distribution using computer data base.
We are members of the following Corporate Associations

  • Lagos Chamber of Commerce, LPG Trade Group
  • Nigerian Association of LPG Marketers (NALPGAM)
  • Nigeria LPGas Association
  • National Association of NERFUND\ SME Entrepreneurs (NANSE)
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